reality show rant

If you know me, you know one of my guilty pleasures is a reality tv show. It’s been awhile since I’ve put my two-cents in, so here goes:

American Idol
It’s about time Megan left–I don’t know how she lasted for so long. I do think she has an interesting voice but she just always chose the wrong song. If she sang “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse last week, she probably would’ve lasted another week. My predictions for the next 3 to get voted off, in no particular order: Scott, Anoop and Matt. Final 3 will be:
Allison – amazing voice, always delivers
Danny – he’s been a fan favorite but I feel like his performances are starting to sound the same
Adam – he’s grown on me as he has amazing vocal talent, the question is if the AI audience will appreciate his style. I know that many ppl thought he bastardized “Ring of Fire” but I personally thought it was brilliant.

Amazing Race
I’m happy there aren’t any really annoying bickering couples (compared to previous seasons). Sad to see Mike and Mel get eliminated as they were such a cute father-son team. I do find it interesting that, with the exception of the NFL cheerleaders, the remaining teams are all familial—brother/sister, brother/brother, sister/sister and mother/son. I guess if there was one team for me to root for, the Asian part of me roots for Tammy and Victor.

Dancing with the Stars
I haven’t been watching this regularly, but my guess is that Shawn Johnson will win. Melissa Rycrosft looks great but is it fair that she has a significant dance backgroudn (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader) and isn’t really a celebrity? I’m shocked that Steve Wozniak lasted as long as he did.

America’s Next Top Model
ah, the drama…I skip through so much of this show just to get to the photographs which I always find fascinating. I think it’ll come down between Aminat and Celia personally. Celia’s surprised me as when I first saw her, I didn’t think much, but she’s got a great walk and has taken pretty great photos so far. I also really like Fo and love her look, but she looks short. Allison’s cute and I love her eyes but agree that she needs to give a face other than the deer-in-headlights look. Natalie is gorgeous and I can see her in Victoria’s Secret–put her there to get a few years in before going more couture. Teyona, Thalia and London are boring me…

Celebrity Apprentice
I don’t watch this show at all anymore, but I happened to catch one episode this week while at home–the episode where teams managed a hotel for 24 hours. I guess my only commentary was that it was funny-then-depressing to see Dennis Rodman slowly spiraling down the more and more he would drink. To see his team members comment on his drinking problem and then for him to defend himself by talking about his basketball career was really sad.

Hmm, I guess that’s it because I don’t watch Survivor, Bachelor or anything else anymore.

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