cold then hot then cold

God, the weather in Seattle is so wacky this time of year.  April is really so unpredictable.  One week ago, Monday, it was so cold that it was *snowing* in Seattle (and again, it rarely snows within Seattle city limits, much less in April).  Fast forward to yesterday and today, when it was sunny and in the lower 70’s.  Man, the weather was so great and so liberating.  I LOVE Seattle when the weather is great.  I decided to take advantage of it by going on a bike ride, my first ride of 2009.  It was a great ride as I went from Capitol Hill up to Greenlake and back, stopping to take photos, enjoy watching people, wander through a Sunday market, etc…  Here is the route I took, all in all probably around 14 miles roundtrip.

I took some photos along the way just to document what a great day it was.  Check them out here!  But alas, the fun will only last so long—by Wed or Thurs, it’s supposed to be back in the lower 50’s and raining.  Boo hoo.

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