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world of swaddling

Every new parent will learn soon enough that swaddling is one of the key techniques to soothing a fussy baby (in addition to shushing, sucking and swinging/rocking).  There are tons of swaddling products out there in the market and we love swaddling so much that I’ve gone out and gotten a bunch of different types of products.  I thought I’d just list them out with my impressions so far for future reference (keep in mind every baby is different and some will take to certain products better than others.  We are fortunate in that Natalie has been fine with all of these, so this is simply a review based on our convenience.):

Basic Swaddle Blanket — this is the basic blanket that the hospital will provide.  This also comes in the form of huge muslin cloths or as fancy big receiving blankets.  This is a classic and just works.  Depending on size of baby and blanket, baby may sometimes feel too big and it’s hard to get a good tight wrap.  I love these as they double as, well, just a nice blanket.  We use this to cover up Natalie in the car seat when going out — so if she needs to be swaddled while we’re out, we have something to use.

SwaddleMe — I got a bunch of these during my pregnancy since I had them on my registry.  All in all, love these as the velcro helps ensure a nice tight wrap (as opposed to the blanket which can get loose over time). It’s important to have the right size as one that is too big won’t work very well.  My only beef with this is that baby’s hands and feet can sometimes squirm its way out , defeating the purpose.  Also, the velcro can get annoying, particularly in the wash or when trying to swaddle an already sleeping baby.

Miracle Blanket — No velcro here.  This is shaped like the SwaddleMe but it has some extra fabric inside for tucking in the arms.  Instead of velcro, it still uses the basic concept of a swaddle blanket with extra long fabric that you have to wrap around and around the baby.  What I like: definitely keeps those flailing arms inside.  What I don’t like: there’s still room for the legs to get out if the baby’s smart.  Also, I personally found it annoying to keep wrapping the baby over and over since I have to continually lift her up to do so.  That said, because it’s this extra long fabric, it won’t unravel so that’s nice.

Woombie — this is my most recent purchase.  The Woombie comes in different styles and I’ve only used the basic Original.  The Woombie is the most simple—very stretchy fabric with a simple zip up.  So far, we totally LOVE the Woombie.  It’s incredibly easy to put her in it and there’s absolutely no way the arms or feet can get out.   They have one style that has a 2-way zipper so that, if you wanted to, you can keep the baby swaddled on top and only have the legs loose, which is great when you want to, say, put them in the swing but still have them feel swaddled.  I’d love to try that out, but to be honest, I think we’ve spent enough on swaddling products for the time being.

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