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iPad love

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I’m now an iPad owner.  It’s funny, when this first came out, I laughed.  I thought it was ridiculous.  It looked like one giant iPhone (which it essentially is) and I thought it was the dumbest thing.  I had no idea why anyone would spend the money on this when they could buy a decent laptop for the same price.  Fast forward to 4am on any given random night in the month of May while I’m sitting in the nursery breastfeeding Natalie and fumbling with one hand to maneuver my laptop so that I could do something to prevent myself from falling asleep.  I thought “man, this is when an iPad would come in handy” — once I had that thought, I had finally convinced myself of the awesomeness of the iPad.  I really needed something very light that had basic buttons and touch control (hitting CTL-ALT-DEL to log into my laptop with one hand was quite difficult…I’ve got it down now, but it was just one of many little things that made using a laptop while breastfeeding harder) and it took the my daily task of breastfeeding to convince me that the iPad was the perfect device.  I mentioned it to Matt and voila—I got a Mother’s Day/Wedding Anniversary/Birthday gift all in one (I would normally say boo to combining all the gift-giving holidays in the summer into one gift, but an iPad is pretty darn cool so I’m not complaining).  I’ve only had it for 24 hours and have only installed a few apps (NY Times, Pandora, Tweetdeck, Marvel, iBooks) but have mainly been using Safari for browsing the web.  So far, initial impressions:

  • Performance is amazing.  It’s so spiffy.
  • It’s so light.  I’m afraid of breaking it.  (any suggestions for good, lightweight covers?)
  • Even though I expected it, I still found it annoying that I HAD to connect to iTunes first before I could even use it
  • Love all the many apps–I wish that upon installing an app, it wouldn’t close the App Store just to show me that the app is installing.  As a result, I have to relaunch the App Store every single time.

That’s about it for now.  Would love any tips from y’all for your favorite, must-have apps to install!

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