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How to spend my time alone with baby

It’s been 2 weeks since my parents left and with the weather mostly being drab and rainy, I haven’t had much motivation to leave the house.  The few days that the weather has been nice and sunny, I’ve taken some walks or quick trips to the UVillage on my own.  Well, hopefully, Mother Nature will be nice and give us a summer soon…which has gotten me thinking about ways to spend my time during the day aside from being inside and just watching a movie (which is still great!).  I wanted to note some of my research before I forget:

Meet other moms!
I’ve joined PEPS which is a great, local non-profit organization for creating groups of moms that live relatively close to each other with children that are about the same age.  The group I’m in has babies born around March/April/May and all live really close to me.  We had our first meeting last week and will be meeting weekly for the next 12 weeks.  I’m really excited about creating new friendships and having other mothers to talk to about similar new parent issues.  I know that PEPS isn’t the only option of this sort but I’ve heard rave reviews from every mother that has joined PEPS.

Go to the movies!
I LOVE going to the movies and it’s one of the things I’ve missed.  I’ve done a bit of research to see what my options are:

The Landmark theaters (Varsity, Guild 45th and Landmark Metro) all have Cry Rooms on a first-come first-serve basis.

Kirkland Place Cinemas offers a “Baby’s Day at the Movies” every other Friday at 9:45am–supposedly they’ll show all the movies playing at their theater so this is a great option for seeing anything.

Columbia City Cinema has Cry Baby Tuesdays where all movies playing before 6pm are baby friendly.  This is a great option so I don’t have to necessarily rush out the door in the morning, but the theater is way down south.

Lincoln Square Cinemas offers Mother’s Day Thursdays — they offer 3 movies every Thursday at 10am, so you can only watch what they offer.  I’m a bit bummed as this is at the same time as my weekly PEPS meeting so I won’t ever be able to make this.

Get out and exercise!
Although breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day (woo hoo!), there is still inevitably a little belly leftover that can only go away through good toning.  If I can convince myself to even think about working out again, I found this page to be a great resource for ways to exercise with baby:

Mommy Workouts: The Best Baby-Friendly Fitness Classes

I think one that I might actually try is Post-Natal Yoga at 8 Limbs Yoga.  There’s one located really close to me (stroller-walking distance in fact!)–yoga is offered and babies can just chill out next to mom.  Nursing, crying and changing diapers is all welcome.

Check out some classes!
I got a lot of tips to check out classes offered at Birth & Beyond.  I already went to the “Let’s Talk About Sleep” class which was really cool just to meet other moms and hear other stories.  I want to go to the “First Weeks” class so I can be in a room with more moms of similar aged children.  I know that many of the local hospitals also offer classes to new parents.

Prepare for returning to work
This is something I can do from home but I’ll need to start preparing for returning to work by learning more about pumping/storing of milk and for thinking about childcare.  We are on some waitlists for daycares but nothing is guaranteed right now.  Ideally, we can hire a nanny for the first year so I’m spending free time learning more about hiring nannies.

I’m sure that before I know it, my maternity leave will come to an end!

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