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Cloth Diapering: Day 2 of researching

Ack, still figuring what I want — AIOs vs AI2s, fitted vs one size, etc..there are so many damn options! At first I was thinking in my mind that I had to pick one type — but that’s silly, I don’t have to do that at all. I’ll probably just start off with a small variety of the ones I’ve been considering…and then get lots more of the ones we like the most. I’ll likely get something like this:
– some hybrids (the shell + soaker deal) which are one size
– All in One: one size
– All in One: fitted
– maybe a Pocket style: fitted and/or one size
– above, combination of aplix closures and snap closures to see which one I like

From what I’ve researched, the brands I want to check out are GroVias, BumGenius and possibly FuzziBunz (those these are the pocket style, but that’s not much of a stretch from the hybrids)

I also need to get myself set up with a diaper pail (probably some cheap plastic bin that I can get at Storables or Target), probably 3 wet bags (one for home, one to leave with nanny when Natalie’s at the other house, and a small one to keep in my diaper bag when I’m out). I was excited to find out that the detergent we used (bought from Costco — ECOS) is already very cloth diaper friendly.

Next, I have to figure out where to buy everything — ideally, it’s some place that doesn’t have a physical presence in WA state so I don’t get hit with taxes and a place that offers free shipping. Here’s a list of some websites I’ve been suggested to check out:

Kelly’s Closet
Mom’s Milk Boutique
Diaper Junction
Cotton Babies
Nicki’s Diapers

Since I’ve started researching, it’s been really cool seeing how many others are also cloth diaperers…such a great resource!

Anyway, once I pick out a site to buy from, I think I’ll get started…eeks.

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