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Cloth Diaper purchases

Well, I’ve made my first cloth diapering purchases! Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for it all to arrive, pre-washing them and then finally using them! I imagine we’ll be using cloth on Natalie by sometime next week! This is what we are starting with:

GroVia – Hybrids/AI2s

I’ve ordered 4 Shells (2 of them are the former GroBabys) along with soakers and biosoaker pads for when we are out and about. These are AI2’s, or Hybrids, and are One Size so should last Natalie through her toddler years. They’re very easy — you just use a shell and then snap on top a soaker pad or flushable/compostable pad. I also got some extra soakers so while there are just 4 shells, these can actually last for many more changings because I just need to change out the soakers. I’m really looking forward to working with hybrids because of the flexibility of using either cloth soakers or compostable pads. I also like the idea that I can re-use the shell for multiple diaper changes.

BumGenius – AIOs

I’ve ordered 1 All-in-One One Size and 1 All-in-One Fitted (in small). The One Size comes with snaps and the Fitted comes in aplix so I can see what I think of those. These are the type that doesn’t come with multiple parts and is as easy as a regular disposable–when ready, you just put the whole thing on. The main disadvantage is drying time can be long since it’s one massive diaper that needs to be dried.

FuzziBunz – Pocketfolds

Similar to the BumGenius, I ordered 1 Perfect Size and 1 Fitted (in small). Pocketfolds are somewhat similar to the AIOs but the difference is that there is a pocketfold in which you put the inserts (or soaker pads). When it’s time for a change, you do need to change out the entire thing, including the shell. When put together, it’s as convenient as an AIO but makes drying time easier since you can dry the soaker pad separately.

Softbums – Hybrids/AI2s

These are also Hybrids and are one size–I ordered 2 Shells and 6 soaker pads. I was attracted to these due to the way that they are one size. Most typical “one size” diapers use a series of snaps in the front where you fold it over to make it smaller (and to accommodate the younger, smaller baby). Softbums has a method of pulling on the elastic around the leg to vary the size of it. I like the idea because it’s not just a set small/medium/large based on the snaps…but it can really be catered to the size of your baby. Aside from that, the rest is similar to other hybrids in that there is a separate soaker pad that you snap in. Unlike the GroVias, however, they don’t see a compostable pad that I can use when I’m out and about.

I happened to make a number of purchases through Kelly’s Closet where they were running a promotion. With the way I split up my order, I’m also getting THREE FREE one-size cloth diapers — brand is a mystery and I will find out when they arrive.

Also, in preparation for cloth diapering, I got the following extras:

  • Pail liner – to put dirty diapers in. When ready for the laundry, you just dump the whole thing in, including the bag itself
  • Wet bag – functions the same as a pail liner but I got a medium size one for when we are out and about. I can use the wet bag in my diaper bag instead. While I may start off using the compostable pads with the hybrids, I hope to feel comfortable enough using full on cloth and can use this wet bag to hold onto dirty diapers.
  • Rockin’ Green detergent – while the current laundry detergent I have (Ecos Free & Clear) is probably okay, I wanted to make sure to use detergent designed specifically for cloth diapering. I’m spending so much on these diapers that I want to make sure they remain absorbent and last.

I’ll also need an actual “diaper pail”–I’ll just pick up a 10 or 12 gallon trash can at Storables or Target when I get a chance.

So, I now have THIRTEEN cloth diapers — and keep in mind that 6 of them are hybrid shells and can last through 2-3 diaper changes. Being on the conservative side, let’s say they each only last through 2 changes — that means I have enough for 19 diaper changes which, at Natalie’s current age, is about 2-2.5 days worth. That’s great! We’ll start off and see what style we like…and will probably end up buying a couple more of whatever style we like the most, so that in the end, we have about 3 days worth of diapers to use. It’s good to clean the diapers at least every 2-3 days anyway.

These 13 diapers have cost us about $260 (and keep in mind that I’ve splurged with the all-in-ones and hybrids … if you go with just pre-folds + covers, it’s waaaay cheaper). Amount spent in diapers for the first 3 months of Natalie’s life already = $160 (and most were bought in bulk through Costco or The cloth diapers we have now are pretty much all we need til she’s potty trained (only 2 of the 13 diapers are fitted diapers, the rest are one-size). While I plan on buying a few more, it’s only for the convenience of not having to do the laundry every other day, but I COULD just use what I have now and be set. Even then, let’s say I buy $100 more worth of cloth diapers…in the long run, that’s still more economical than using disposables AND it’s better for the planet!

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