Rolling Rolling…

I take back my earlier comment that Natalie doesn’t roll too often now.  After the last 24 hours, whew!  She seems to love rolling back to belly now.  Changing her diaper is such a challenge too!  We will have her on the changing pad and in the time we put the dirty diaper away and take out a new one, she’s on her stomach!  This morning, I was trying to change her clothing so I put her in the crib in case she rolled so I wouldn’t worry about her falling off of the dresser…and sure enough, she kept rolling to her stomach over and over.  (it was certainly helpful when I had to snap those buttons in the back)

The only problem is that she seems to have forgotten how to roll back from her belly to her back.  She seems to be easily delighted about rolling at first…but then after a few minutes on her belly, she’s like “waah!  I’m on my belly!”  This is all cute and fine….except when it’s 3am.  I’m pretty sure she has turned into a belly sleeper.  Last night, she slept on her belly all night and [fortunately] slept all night like that…but we’ve had instances in the past week where she’ll roll to her belly right away and then wake up 30 min later.

In any case, it’s fun to see this milestone.  She’s also starting to really push herself up while she’s on her belly….she’ll be crawling before we know it!

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