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Five months of cloth diapering

I haven’t written about cloth diapering in awhile—but rest assure, we’re still cloth diapering!  I thought I’d share some of my thoughts/tips/advice on cloth diapering for those of you that are interested…and this is based solely on 5 months of doing this. For some background: we cloth diaper full-time even for overnight.  I’ve also traveled with it (to Las Vegas) and continue to do so when I’m out and about for the day.  I haven’t used a single disposable since August–and the closest are a few GroVia Biosoakers that I used when flying to Vegas just to minimize the number of cloth diapers I needed to carry onboard with me.  All in all: cloth diapering is awesome.  It’s really not that hard and sure, it can get icky at times but I LOVE that we haven’t bought a disposable diaper in 5 months and that our trash can is no longer 75% full of diapers.  We are so happy we made the move.

  • Putting the diapers out in the sun really helps with stains.  It’s amazing how the sun is a natural stain remover (plus, they smell nice and fresh!).  They do need to be out in the sun slightly damp though in order to get the stains out.  Also, if you live in the Pacific NW where the sun don’t shine very much–putting them outside even without sun helps (because it’s really the UV light that does it).  That said, even if the diapers get stained for awhile…sunning them months later still gets the stains out!
  • Get good cloth diaper friendly detergent.  I use Rockin Green
  • I usually hang dry my covers and put the inserts in the dryer for a medium-low 60 min dry.
  • When baby starts solids, using flushable liners really helps contain the poop!  I usually just walk over to the toilet and plop it out!
  • Of course, there’s an initial stage of starting solids when the poo is all over the place still.  I resorted to a little bit of “dunking and swishing”–but this stage only lasted about 2-3 weeks (and I hear it varies from baby to baby)
  • Get hemp doublers–they’re AWESOME for overnight use as they’re thin and super absorbent.  They are my go-to for night time diapers.
  • For prepping hemp, just boil them in a huge pot with a little bit of dawn.  Way easier than doing a ton of wash-and-drys.
  • Yes, aplix/velcro is easier to use and snaps feel more like a pain; however–I’ve learned the beauty of snaps: you don’t need to keep remembering to fasten down the velcro before it in the wash and baby around 7 months starts liking the sound of velcro and keeps taking the diaper off on the changing table!  The snaps are baby proof!
  • Although it’s counter intuitive, keeping the diaper pail WITHOUT the lid on keeps the smells down better than having a lid on
  • For front-loading washing machines, throw in a wet towel to trick the machine into thinking there is a heavier load so it will use more water
  • For out and about, highly recommend getting one of those wet/dry bags so that you can literally carry everything into the bathroom (if you don’t like dragging your entire diaper bag).  I put the fresh diapers, liners, small changing pad and wipes all on the dry side.
  • It’s okay to throw the used wipes/liners into the laundry–you can separate them out after the wash.  This is great for when you’re out and about and don’t have a place to throw away the wipes or liners.
  • I’ve had way fewer leaks with cloth diapers than I ever did with disposables…and when there were leaks, it was usually my fault (i.e. not closing diaper tight enough, accidentally leaving part of the microfiber insert sticking out so it wicks out)

Here are my thoughts on brands that I’ve used.  My inventory includes: BumGenius 3.0, GroVia, FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, SoftBums, Kawaii, and Flip

  • BumGenius one size are huge
  • BumGenius fitteds are very trim
  • Rumparooz is awesome, especially before solids because of the extra leg gussets for keep poo in
  • Kawaii diapers are pretty big–I wouldn’t use them when baby is smaller.  When I mean big, I don’t mean the fluffiness factor (pretty trim) but with regards to the leg opening.  Since Natalie is on the skinny side, these were more leak prone until recently.
  • I much prefer microfiber over cotton–wicks wetness away from baby better
  • GroVias easily stain
  • I like the aplix on GroVias the best
  • For overnight, I use BumGenius, FuzziBunz or Rumparooz the most
  • SoftBums are easy to adjust — and have turned out to be one of my nanny’s favorites.  She loves being able to reuse the shell and just put in a new insert when possible.
  • BumGenius velcro feels pretty cheap and I’ve started noticing the elastic getting more loose.  This has not been an issue with any other diapers.
  • I LOVE the GroVia Biosoaker system for easy out and about.  I’ve only used it when traveling once and it was incredibly easy—like using disposables, but I was able to reuse the shell multiple times.

I’d love to try more brands but we honestly don’t need any more diapers.  Getting more diapers will allow us to do the laundry a little less frequently (right now, it’s about every 2-3 days) but the current frequency is totally do-able and fine.

I’ll end with this photo of cloth diapers hanging out in the sun which always makes me smile.

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  1. sandra says

    ooh, thanks for the update!! we’re CD’ing full-time now, i love it. no more leaks! a few questions – what kind of flushable liners and what kind of hemp inserts do you use? We’re still using PF’s right now, but he’s big enough to try the pockets and AIO’s – I’m excited. I can prep the RaR just by throwing it in the next wash once, right? But BG Elementals (cotton) need to be washed several times on their own? What’s your favorite site/store to get more CD’s? thanks! =)

  2. sandra says

    ps. love the photo =)

  3. Audrey says

    yay! I’ll send you a separate mail 🙂

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