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Cloth diapering for weekend getaways

We just got back from a fun weekend outing with friends in Walla Walla (more on that later) but I thought I’d take the time to talk about cloth diapering for weekend getaways. Yes, it’s possible! Sure, disposables would be easy and if it was trip that involved flying somewhere, it would reduce the amount of luggage…but for a trip that’s just a car drive away, it can be done. The less I need to buy diapers, the happier I am. We left around 1pm on Friday and got back Sunday evening. This is what I brought with me:

– 3 medium wetbags
– 20 cloth diapers (a few were hybrids/AI2s…so I really had more than 20 diaper changes worth)
– 10-15 cloth wipes
– a small travel bottle of wipes solution
– regular disposable wipes
– 2 hemp doublers (for nighttime)
– 5 flushable liners
– plus all the usual diaper changing items (pad, cjs butter stick, tea tree oil, etc..)

I packed all of the diaper stuff in a separate bag to keep them together. It actually made it nice so I only needed to put 2-3 diapers in my diaper bag at any time.

We rented a house with friends. My wetbags have handles so I could easily just hang them. I really stuffed them full! For poopy diapers, if I was lucky, there was a liner in the diaper (she usually poops around the same time each day); however, if I didn’t, I either did a quick dunk’n’swish in the toilet or I just folded it up knowing I could use the diaper sprayer when I got home. By the time I did get home on Sunday, I only had maybe 2-3 diapers to actually spray off. I also had enough diapers that I hadn’t used about 3 of them by the time we got home.

So there, that’s how to cloth diaper for weekend getaways. Easy peasy.

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