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Travel travel travel

The last few weeks has been a crazy amount of travel for me–

Oct 29 — Los Angeles

Nov 3 — San Francisco

Nov 10 — San Diego

Nov 13 — Boston

I got a really great opportunity to attend a number of events that are part of the Windows Phone Inner Circle night events, helping to demo new phones with Windows Phone 7.5 running on it. These are typically PR/Marketing events but they reached out to the engineering team to see if anyone wanted to participate. I jumped at the opportunity and am so happy that I got the chance to experience these events. We’ve gotten some great feedback — positive and negative — and it’s just interesting seeing what life is like for PR guys at Microsoft.

Of course, each city has been an amazing experience, even though for the most part, I was in the city for barely 24 hours:

Los Angeles — stayed in the ultra retro-cool Standard Hotel with its amazing rooftop bar/pool and waterbed pods (yes, waterbed). Also got to have brunch with Betina and fam, which was a treat.

San Francisco — soaked in the sun in this amazing Bay Area city. Got drinks with college bud Sab and had some much needed girl time with her catching up on our lives

San Diego — first time here! love this city, gotta return. Lunch with my uncle too…and had the most amazing sushi at Nobu.

Boston — this city will always have a special place in my heart. I spent the most time here since it’s on the right coast. Flew in early, hung out with the little brother for the day, outfitting his apartment. Oh–and totally random — we had lunch with Stephen Tobolowsky, his wife and David Chen (the co-host of the Tobolowsky Files) Also had lunch with the youger cousin (who paid for lunch! awww–love it when the younger in the generation pays for the first time….it’s like they’re growing up for realz) and then learned way more about mixology than I ever thought I knew over drinks with Aaron and coworker Greg. Took a morning jog along the Charles. Breathtaking.

Of course, now I’m home, you’d think I’d have some time to breathe…but I leave in a few days to fly solo with Natalie to visit the parents for Thanksgiving (Matt is joining us later)…and then when we return, we have 1.5 weeks before we brave a 17+ hour journey to Hong Kong with Natalie as a lap child. Lord have mercy on us.

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