Jetlag: 1 Sousas: 0

We are back in Seattle now and the jetlag is absolutely killing us.   Going to Hong Kong was a breeze, as if time never changed…but coming back has been a completely different story.  We got back at 2:30pm on Thursday and so far, this is Natalie’s sleep schedule:

Thurs (traveling most of the day)
12pm – 2pm: nap on plane
3-4pm: nap in car
7pm: asleep for the night
10pm-1am: waking up every hour
1:30am: up for the day

11:30am – 4:45pm: nap
7pm: down for the night
11:30pm: waking up every hour
3:30am: up for the day

1:30pm – 7:30pm: nap (we overslept ourselves and fell asleep too!)
12:30am: asleep for the night
5:30am: woke up for the day (but at least no wakeups!)

10:30am – 3pm: nap
5pm: fell back asleep
3am: woke up
4am: up for the day

1pm – 4pm: nap
8:40pm: night night

And this is where we are now. She will sleep for as long as we let her when we put her down for the afternoon nap because as far as her body is concerned, it is “night night” and she is OUT. Just yesterday, we went to Whole Foods around 5pm and she completely fell asleep after we put her in the grocery cart. I’d never seen anything like it. She was flopping around like a bunny and could not for the life of her stay awake.

Anyway, her waking up very early has not made it easy for me or Matt to really catch up on our jetlag…I’m hoping she’ll adjust soon!

Hong Kong was wonderful. I have much to say about the trip, in a future post. For now, I’m off to wake Natalie up. She will NOT be happy.

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