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Ah, naked time

We’ve been giving Natalie naked time between diaper changes for awhile now. It started off when she got her first diaper rashes and I had read about naked air time being something to help…and so, as habit, we let her run around naked for a little bit after a diaper change. Normally it’s just 5 minutes or so…but it’s been upwards of half an hour at times and, for at least over a year now, it’s been without accident…….until today. Totally my fault. Naked time not only went on for way too long but it was after she woke up from her nap which was the nap after her lunch yaddah yaddah. She was playing on OUR bed and I was folding laundry when suddenly I heard her grunt and she was on her knees. I just looked at her and said “Natalie? potty?” She replied “yeah” pretty care free as if not much happened. I walked over and saw a huge pile on the sheets and screamed in horror (“no-o-o-o-o-o!”), picking her up and running her to her room/changing table. In the process of doing that, I freaked her out and she started crying/screaming. It was all very funny in hindsight.

Guess potty training is still quite distant (they say signs include your child telling you they need to go). And no more naked time sitting on the bed.

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