Summer’s about over and so is travel

Temperatures have cooled back down to the 60’s this week after having a few weeks of pretty hot temperatures (i.e. 80’s, 90’s).  Yep, I think summer’s over.  Just a blink—it came and went…and mostly came while we were out of town.

For the first part of August when all the hot temperatures hit Seattle, we were out of town.  For the first weekend, we headed to Tahoe for Ricky and Corinne’s wedding at Squaw Valley.  Matt was a groomsmen so he was busy with wedding party activities initially…so I had some fun 1:1 time with Natalie.  The best was taking the tram up to high camp (elevation = 8200’!) where there was a pool.  The views were amazing and the weather was great.


The wedding was great.  The view was amazing. At the reception, some babysitters were hired to watch the little ones and Natalie fit right in with a bunch of other 2-3 yr old girls.  We then brought her upstairs and she stole the show dancing away.  I swear she’s a little nightowl!


Tahoe was relaxing and a very nice, quick family getaway weekend.  Highly recommend Squaw Valley!  I’d love to go back in the winter as the mountain looked amazing for some good snowboarding.

After just a few days home, we turned right around for another trip – this time out to Boston for Matt’s uncle and aunt’s 50th wedding anniversary and family reunion.  It was great to bring Natalie to the Boston area for the first time.  The first thing I learned was that she does NOT deal with New England humidity well at all!  She was a sweatbox right away!

We had some quality time with Natalie’s grandparents doing things like going to the aquarium and to a local zoo.  She rode a pony for the first time and did so well!!  She absolutely loved it! (but yikes, this means my future will now involve waiting in line for 30 min for the pony ride, ugh)

I turned 35 while in Boston—started off the day by heading into the city to hang out with Aaron and my cousin Eddric.  We had lunch at this French restaurant called Sel de la Terre.  We then walked over the Commons with Natalie where she enjoyed a lovely carousel ride with Aaron.  Aaron hasn’t seen her since Christmas time so it was great to be able to have her share some more time with him.  In the evening, Matt and I enjoyed a lovely date night with dinner and a movie (we saw Bourne Legacy – do NOT recommend, it was terrible)

Sunday was the anniversary and family reunion.  Natalie got to meet a ton of relatives and she did so well socializing with everyone—particularly her (distant?) cousin, Adam who’s about 1.5 years younger than her.

All in all, great time in Boston.  I ate as much lobster as I could stuff in my mouth and it was so nice to have Natalie get out there to meet people.  Too bad it’s such a haul to get out there!

Oh, and the flight went fine.  For Boston, we flew without a car seat (as the grandparents borrowed one) and it was sooooo nice.  Natalie had so much more room to spread out and she stayed pretty still watching movies and tv shows on the iPad.  I was also able to get her Plum Organics pouches through this time—argh, I never understand the TSA.  Anyway, glad we are home and eager to get Natalie’s sleep schedule back to normal (she’s become a serious nightowl.  While we were in Boston, she stayed up as late as 1am EST! Now, given that involved a 3 hr time change for her…it was still crazy!)

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