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How did it become December already?

Fall felt like it was just here…but with a few cold wet weeks, it is now winter.  I’m literally sitting in my office wearing a huge down parka coat sipping chai.

The past few weeks have been a blur between going off to Vegas once again for Thanksgiving and then Matt’s parents visiting the following weekend.  It’s always nice to have an opportunity to see family, and for Natalie to hang out with them all.

We were in Vegas for a week and, once again, it was mostly chill time and eating Chinese food.  We hit the strip only twice—once to go to Circus Circus for Natalie and the second time to have a date night with Betina + Justin.  Thanksgiving was hectic as there were in total like 21 guests on that day.  The Chans came over and brought little Madeleine so Natalie had a fun playmate that day.  We took A THOUSAND photos and I haven’t had the mind or energy to sort through them yet but there was definitely lots of cute overload, especially when the 2 girls grabbed the karaoke microphones and started belting out “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”

Our evening with Betina and Justin started off with a fabulous dinner at Carnevino inside the Palazzo – it was an indulgent evening of meat and white truffles.  Highly recommend.  Afterwards, we hit the tables of course and had a surprisingly steady streak at the Craps table.  Rounding it off, I played a bit of Baccarat with Betina (“just bet on the banker!”) which earned us even more money.  I went from $100 and ended with $229 by the end of the evening.  Not bad.

The weekend after Thanksgiving, Matt’s parents came to visit and it was mostly chill time with Natalie.  They brought a gingerbread house to make which was fun as Natalie discovered the “glue” was yummy frosting.  We also took advantage of Matt’s dad being here to help us get a Christmas tree and we got it all set up and decorated during Natalie’s nap.  ‘Twas exciting for her to come downstairs and see a big Christmas tree all set up!

Anyway, I was recently inspired by my friend Katie’s Top 15 posts to come up with something like that for here, perhaps for me and for Natalie (hope you don’t mind Katie!).  So here goes:

For Natalie…

loves to eat….fish, shrimp, gingersnaps, “elephant” snacks, bunny crackers, grapes, raspberries, fig bars, “chinese honey”

typical breakfast…yogurt with raspberries or cheerios with raspberries

hates to eat…veggies or anything green (except a pouch of course!)

favorite phrases…can’t do that!, stop talking, I’m beautiful, yummy in my tummy, more puhwease!, more milk!, hold me!

can’t sleep without…her puppy and about 5 layers of blankets with a small pillow under her feet and a nice adult pillow under her head

potty training?…still not there.  on occasion recently, she has said she needs to go and she’ll pee or even poop..but otherwise, she seems to have no problem going in her diaper.

loves watching…Caillou, Super Why, Dora the Explorer, Shaun the Sheep, My Little Pony, Pingyu, Backyardigans, Sid the Science Kid

loves to read…curious george, in my garden, go dogs go, mr. brown makes sounds

loves to sing…rockabye lullaby, good night my someone, you are my sunshine, abc’s

clothing obsessions…doesn’t like wearing jeans (thinks they’re too hard) and only likes “soft” corduroys (i.e. jeggings)

currently learning…lots of mandarin songs and phrases.  counts to 20 in mandarin now.

recent bad behavior…bit Matt in the shoulder

recent first…trip to the dentist! she did really well (and it helped having Dora playing on a TV in the ceiling).  The dentist was even able to use the automatic drill cleaner instead of a regular toothbrush on her.  All teeth are in, including her 2 year molars!

something she said that made me smile recently…she came home from school and came down to the basement and found me and immediately said “I’m so glad I found you mommy!”


For me…

recently researching….things to do with kids in Whistler.  We are going up in a couple of weeks and seeing what there is to do with a 2 year old.

in the process of…refinancing the house, woot!

looking to buy…christmas gifts

favorite recent purchase…a new phone! my Nokia Lumia 920 because the low light photos are freakin’ amazing and the video stabilization has me blown away.  The wireless charger arrives tomorrow and I can’t wait.

last movie (out) seen…Wreck-It Ralph with Aaron and my cousin Jocelyn at the Red Rock Cinemas over Thanksgiving break

currently annoyed by…the soreness of my mouth. I just got attachments added and a new tray for my Invisalign treatment and my mouth is super sore.

watching on the tube…Walking Dead, Revenge, Gossip Girl, 90210, BIll & Giuliana, Nashville, Once Upon A Time, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Vampire Diaries

on my to do list…make a video compilation of Natalie for my grandma, make a family photobook….for 2011

last dinner out was…at Mamma Melina’s with Matt’s parents

ate for dinner last night…Indian leftovers– butter chicken and naan

snacking on…grapes and this new cucumber-infused water at work that I’m in love with (particularly with wearing my Invisalign)

have planned for this weekend…juggling Christmas parties

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