Potty training fail

Over the last couple of months, Natalie has shown an increased interest in using the potty.  We’ve been pretty relaxed about it and just bringing her to the potty when she wants to go.  Sometimes, she’s just marched herself straight to the bathroom, taken off her pants and diapers and sits on the potty herself.  Before the Christmas break, she was going pretty frequently at school, in particularly following some of the older girls when they go to the potty.  Because of that, Natalie’s teacher suggested taking advantage of that and seeing if we could PT her after the holidays while Natalie is still socially motivated to go.

Well, we took a good 2-3 weeks off from school, in diapers as usual..but I bought a bunch of training pants in preparation, and on January 1st, I put her in training pants for the first time at home.  The whole day was full of accidents as we expected but she seemed genuinely excited about wearing “big girl undies”.

She went back to school on Wednesday in training pants and it’s just been accident after accident for the last 3 days.  What’s worse – she’s no longer showing interest in going to the potty with the older girls like she was before the holidays.

She’s certainly aware when she pees (“mommy! I just pee my pants!!”) but doesn’t seem to be aware when she needs to go (which is ok).  More so, she’s starting to resist and not want to go to the potty when we want to take her.

I’m not sure if she’s ready.  We might be more diligent at home this weekend, taking her to the potty on a frequent basis…but if it continues being accident after accident, we might go back to diapers next week and then try again a few weeks from now, or whenever she seems to show interest again. [sigh]

Otherwise, I do have much to write about the holidays as we had some fun family outings and trips I’d like to write about.  More on that later!

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