1 week into PT’ing

Well I’m at home today with a sick Natalie.  Blargh.  I got violently ill on Friday with what I thought was food poisoning, but then both Matt and Natalie fell ill yesterday.  I came to pick her up from school and she was just sitting on the floor holding her puppy with a fever and crying.  Poor girl.  Now I wonder if it was more of a stomach bug of some sort.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that potty training is still going really well.  We’ve been sending her to school everyday in undies and there have been several days in which she’s come back wearing the same pair.  She still has an accident here and there but it’s overall great.  I had to really test her ability to hold herself last week after school — there’s at least a 20 minute commute between school and home (and can be longer with traffic)…and last week, in the middle of the bridge, she declared she needed to poop!  Yikes!  I asked her if she would hold it…and then she’d pause and go “I’m holding it! Yay!”  It was kinda funny.  We did that a few times and I had no idea if she actually was…but sure enough, once we got to our destination, I whisked her off to the bathroom and she did a good job holding it for at least 10 minutes.  Not bad!  (I think holding pee must be harder)

We have yet to really test the waters by taking her out to a restaurant or just doing our usually family outing downtown somewhere and needing to find a public restroom.  This is all new territory!

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