Worst. Cold. Ever.

This has been a miserable 2 weeks of illness in the family, particularly for me.  First, I got food poisoning.  Had a weekend to recover.  Then Matt was sick for a day, and then Natalie ended up missing 4 days of school due to a fever.  Turned out to be just a cold.  Well, my 2 days of staying home to watch her resulted in me, in turn, catching her cold.  I went back to work briefly on Thursday but by Thursday evening, I was starting to feel congested.

I didn’t go to work on Friday, Monday or today (Tuesday) and I highly doubt I will go in tomorrow.  I have the worst cold.  Already went to see the doctor — ears are fine, unlikely it’s the flu as I really haven’t had much of a fever (minor, low grade briefly).  I’ve just been super congested and it’s moved from my head to my chest with my sinuses still under pressure constantly.  I can’t count how many tissue boxes I have gone through and I’ve just been in pajamas nonstop.  I can’t even be a somewhat productive sick where I can work from home a bit — I’m so knocked over that all I can do is zone out on a couch or the bed.

I’m hoping the worst is over and I’ll wake up tomorrow feeling less congested and on the road to recovery.  For now, I feel like I’ve missed out on so much work (during a crazy crunch time part of the year) and done absolutely nothing.  I don’t even have the energy to fold laundry or even upload pictures online.  I’m just tired and congested and sick and tired and congested…whine whine.  I think this is seriously the first time I’ve gotten sick from Natalie.  What is it about picking up a cold from your child? — it’s like they have an advanced strain that only people born in this millennium can handle.  I’ve been knocked over sideways and hope this ends soon.

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  • Aileen

    Oh my goodness that sounds like the cold I got in early December. “It’s just a cold” my a$$. 😉 I actually got the flu as well at the end of December (actually got tested for it since I’m preggers), and honestly, the cold was pretty much just as bad in terms of how awful I felt. I’ve also gotten the stomach flu / norovirus, a lung infection requiring antibiotics (from the flu), and two other (much milder) colds, so I was sick for six weeks straight! My immune system is just shot from pregnancy. (Just trying to get my whine whine in as well. ;-)) Thankfully I’ve been healthy for over a week now — knock wood!

    I was bowled over by your comment that this is the first time you’ve gotten sick from Natalie (I might be in the double digits already from Violet and you’ve got a year on us), but then I remembered Natalie was mostly in a nanny share rather than daycare– I think that makes a ginormous difference.

    Feel better soon!!!! I feel your pain!

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