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got a phone call early this morning from the police….in federal way. they found my car: all of the seats are gone and the ignition was ripped out. the policeman found the car on the road, still running…and since the ignition was stripped, he couldn’t turn the car off. i headed down to auburn after work (with my new chaffeur, jon) where they transferred my car to a collision repair center…and saw the poor thing. it’s actually not too terribly bad. i don’t think there are really any exterior damages…there’s just not much inside. it’s strange to see my car with no seats. they took that, the lid of my center console storage thing, my stickshift knob, my inline skates and the game of Cranium that eugene had gotten me for my birthday. surprisingly, they didn’t take *any* cd’s or tapes…they didn’t even rip apart the stereo system. good thing i didn’t leave too many valuables in there. i’ll get an estimate tomorrow and hear from insurance how they’re going to proceed…it’s most likely that they’re going to just repair my car instead of totalling it and writing me a check for blue book value. [sigh] must make trip to enterprise-rent-a-car soon.

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