about me

..:.:About Me:.:..

here’s the lowdown

where i come from

i was born in princeton, nj

i grew up in lawrence, kansas

yes, i enjoyed growing up in kansas

where i’ve been educated

i attended lawrence high school, home of the chesty lions

i studied psychology & economics at smith college

i studied abroad in madrid, spain for a semester through boston u at the instituto internacional


i live in seattle

i worked at amazon.com for 6 years as both a web
developer and program manager

i now work at microsoft as a program manager in the
windows mobile division–i play with cell phones all day.


i have two loving parents that currently reside in las vegas mostly.

my brother, aaron, recently graduated from risd and is an industrial designer. he recently received his masters at harvard’s school of design and resides in boston.

i have a wonderful husband, matt, that i married in 2007. we have 2 cats, misha and zuki, and are expecting  a baby girl in april 2010.

what i do to relax

close my eyes in the sun, dance, massage, bubble baths, vegging on my
couch watching tv, play some chopin on the piano, clean

things i enjoy

snowboarding, theater, singing (i was a smiffenpoof), rollerblading, cooking, playing piano, ballet, salsa
dancing, going out, yoga, drawing people, going to the symphony, traveling, spanish culture, talking to friends, playing with gadgets, bellydancing, eating good food, watching movies, cheese


i am a leo and a snake


audrey at moohaha dot org

moohaha at gmail dot com

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